Consumer’s Choice for Flood & Fire Restoration

Superior Flood and Fire Restoration Inc. is a company that prides itself on outstanding customer service. They won the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence in the flood and fire restoration category in Vancouver for 2016.

In only four years Superior has become one of the premier restoration companies in Western Canada.

Company President Joe Tolzmann attributes the company’s success and growth to their high quality control standards and Superior’s highly trained technicians, who are among the best in the business. Tolzmann says the company has a proven track record and “compromising the quality of our service to meet profit targets is not an option for us. The only way for us to survive and prosper is to increase efficiency and we’ve done that.”

“We’ve created a results based working environment that nurtures, attracts and retains the best talent.” Superior has a qualified and diversified team willing and capable to meet and resolve any challenge. Tolzmann says the company employs the best in technology and advanced techniques to keep it at the forefront of the restoration business.

“Among our technological tools is a thermal imaging camera. This allows us to minimize disruption on the job site, to minimize the damage and the costs automatically. We make sure the job is done right and nothing is left behind. Another example is injecti-dry flooring system where we dry out floors without replacing them. That also shortens the length of time we spend on site. And it saves huge on replacement costs and on contents pack-out time.”

The company also uses the Xactimate system which streamlines claims estimating to achieve greater speed and accuracy in claims handling.

Superior follows a model of clear and open communication with all stakeholders using real time data to prevent unnecessary calls to brokers and adjusters from the insureds.

“We continually follow industry trends and work closely with our stakeholders to identify the changes and customize our processes to their requirements.” Tolzmann says “We have also developed individual custom streamlined processes for different segments; from more complex Condo/Strata claims with multiple unit owners involving additional stakeholders for each of their own betterments and contents all in addition to the original as build insured under Condo/Strata policies; to commercial shopping malls, hotels, institutional and industrial buildings with improvements and contents separate from original structures; to less complex single family dwellings.”

Mayank Anand, VP of Business Development, says we built a brand known for superior service.’ Superior stays ahead of the curve through cost reduction, tighter controls, performance and efficiency; which are key in adapting to the changing dynamics of the insurance industry. “For us customer service is not just another term, it is our belief, culture and purpose as to why we are in this business. It’s always about doing the right thing” says Anand.

“We keep everyone informed about the latest trends by providing training seminars. This ensures that brokers, insurers & adjusters are comfortable with the terminologies and appropriate service standards used in the restoration industry. We work towards getting everyone on the same page.”

Ken Hwang, Superior’s VP of Operations, says the company goal is to restore peoples’ homes and businesses to a pre-loss state with the least amount of disruption and to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

“We work hard on developing and streamlining the process to improve the operational efficiency and to collect data along the way in order to have it instantly available for our stakeholders. Our team is continuously working on improving our processes and keeping up to date with the often changing requirements of our clients.”

Superior emphasizes consistency and all their technicians in each city are trained to maintain the highest quality control standards. This ensures our clients always receive the same Superior service whether we work on a water loss in a condo high rise in Vancouver or a fire loss in an institution in Calgary.

“It is rewarding and motivating to see at the end of each claim, that the insured is grateful for our help and the brokers, adjusters and insurers repeatedly increasing our workload allowing us to continue to grow.” says Hwang.

*This article was featured in Insurance People Magazine*

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