Mastering the Insurance Claims Process

Insurance People Magazine July 2016 Edition with Superior Flood & Fire Restoration Inc.

No one can control when accidents happen. The insured is not going to be happy about whatever event initiated the claims process. So how do you gain control of an accident, and ensure customer satisfaction in spite of these circumstances?
The answer is simple – a smooth claims process.
This may be easier said than done, but given the wealth of experience that Superior Restoration has had with dealing with all aspects of a claim, they have come up with a few key strategies to mitigate any potential difficulties.
A claim process involves the insured calling out their insurance company, to report a loss, who will send out a claims adjuster, and when necessary the contractor will come to the scene to mitigate and repair damages. In a typical business re- lationship there is a vendor,
and then a client. The vendor does the work, and the client pays the bill. However, in the insurance industry, things get a little more complicated, because there are so many stakeholders involved, and the insured is a mutual client. So how do you effectively handle the claims process to ensure that all stakeholders are happy and successful?

The team at Superior Restoration works hard to identify the goals of each of these stakeholders, and then examine their process in order to streamline and achieve everyone’s objectives. In addition to offering the standard restoration services at an exceptional level of workman- ship, customer service, and communication, Joe Tolzmann, president and CEO of Superior, actively works on improving the insurance claims process – “Each of 
the stakeholders has their different point of view and objective but we all have one thing in common and that is client retention and further business growth which requires good client care and fulfilling our obligations.”
Some of these measures include minimizing disruption, timelines, and payouts.

“By following the IICRC Water Damage Restoration Standard, setting up equipment based on formulas, using a standardized pricing system with Xactimate software, and tracking and communicating all details of a project through thorough reporting measures, we can ensure that we are efficient, competitively priced, meeting KPI’s for all parties involved, and delivering superior service.”
In addition, Tolzmann explains, that each party involved will expect a different level of reporting, and notifications. “For example, we collect data as the project develops and have reports available in real-time.”
Despite having a refined claims process, disasters can manifest in a plethora of ways, and the key to success is to have a strategy for being able to handle all types of claims. The Fort McMurray wildfires serve as a hallow reminder that the claims process needs to be balanced between responsiveness, flexibility, and measurable structure in order to accommodate all types of emergencies.
Superior strikes that balance in its quest to strengthen stakeholder relationships, whether it requires large loss mobilization or a single unit claim.
Only a few weeks ago Superior worked on a claim that spanned 54 units in a 32 floor high-rise. Based on the extent of the damage, a claim such as this one would have typically take months to close, but Superior man- aged to do just that in two. By implementing the strategies discussed to streamline the claims process they were able to start the mitigation process within an hour, effectively handle mitigation services within two weeks, and finish all repair work in the 54 affected units in four weeks including betterments and contents for individual unit owners not covered under strata/ condo insurance. The project is a tangi- ble result of Superior’s serious efforts to develop and embody a smooth claims process, ensuring quick a closeout.

Tolzmann emphasizes, “We have learned how to make everyone happy. It’s simple. It is about finding the middle ground, integrity, and to do what’s right; follow the standard, itemize the work necessary to restore property to pre-loss condition, and price out the work fairly.”

You can reach out to Superior in order to find out more about how they can customize the process for your claims department in order to foster the closeout for condos, commercial properties or large losses.

This article was published in the July 2016 edition of Insurance People Magazine.


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