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Insurance People Magazine July 2017 Edition with Superior Flood & Fire Restoration Inc.

For the team at Superior Flood & Fire Restoration, the con­ventional wisdom of doing the job the right way the first time is a way of life.

It’s been an ongoing process and team effort to perfect customer service and efficiency, which has been recognized throughout the industry by the stakehold­ers involved. Superior has received recogni­tion and numerous awards in the industry and the community followed up by many insurers expressing interest in working with Superior and adding the company to their preferred vendor lists.

“We strive to stay at the forefront of the industry by leading with innovation and developing cutting edge technology that saves time and increases efficiency to all stakeholders involved that results in mini­mized timelines, disruptions and claim payouts,” says Joseph Tolzmann, founder and CEO.

A key factor in the company’s approach is to keep all the stakeholders in synergy during the claims cycle, including insur­ance brokers, insurance companies and adjusters. “Streamlining is something that we do daily. To achieve our service goals, we utilize Xactimate software for doing estimates,” says Mayank Anand, VP, busi­ness development. “We work closely with the insurance adjusters to create the most economical scope of work required for restoring properties to pre-loss condition. The scopes are based on IICRC Resto­ration Standards to ensure the work is completed properly but also that no more work is done then necessary. This saves on replacement costs and minimizes the time required to complete the claims cycle which translates in to saving indemnity dollars. One example is on a Category 1 water loss where the walls are water damaged, they can be dried in place. This eliminates the need for incurring replacement costs and also minimizes ALE.”

Superior employs a team of highly trained and skilled full-time estimators who work on the Xactimate software to provide the most competitive estimate to the adjusters and insurance companies.

The other innovative technology that Superior uses offers avenues for open transparency in communications with all stakeholders. They capture data at differ­ent milestones as they work through the projects and make it available for adjust­ers, for complete transparency, as they need it.

Anand adds that keeping Supe­rior’s promise for quality service is paramount in everything they do.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is superior customer service and effi­ciency. We achieve that by using the latest in technol­ogy and advanced restoration tech­niques,” explains Tolzmann. “We are focused on streamlining the workflow within our organization and also between stakeholders we work with to ensure all redundancy is eliminated.

“We use systems and procedures that helps to minimize the loss ratio and realize faster closeout of claims. The use of our scheduling methodology and engagement of a large, in-house certified and trained team of technicians results in a faster completion of the claim cycle and best quality controls. Time spent on the claim could be clients’ convenience or inconvenience which directly relates to customer service. Time is money and we strive to minimize the time and incon­venience for all stakeholders.”

Having a large in-house team means Superior doesn’t have to rely on third party subcontractors, and it gives them more control over the timeline and con­sistency in quality of a project.

“This allows us to provide superior ser­vice in every department because our en­tire staff knows what’s at stake,” Tolzmann says. “Our approach also helps reduce overhead costs which allows us to remain competitive in the marketplace while still providing Superior service.

“By using the technology and standards that we have in place, we help insur­ance companies save on those indemnity dollars,” says Anand. “Getting the job done faster is also a benefit to the in­sureds. It minimizes interruption to their daily lives or business opera­tions. The tagline we use is ‘We are the superior choice for property restoration.’”

The hallmark for excellence the company follows has been noticed. “Our reputation has attracted a lot of people that want to be part of a dynamic and rapidly growing compa­ny,” says Tolzmann. “We hire, train and coach our employees in ways that helps them keep up with the growth curve of the company. This is important because they understand our vision and policies, and the entire team takes the company to a new level.”

With locations in Vancouver, Ab­botsford, Calgary and – in the near future – Toronto, Superior Restoration has experienced solid growth during just over five years of operation.

Superior Restoration has also worked hard to establish itself in those communi­ties and with professional associations. It is one of the Platinum Star sponsors for the Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade for B.C. The company has also partici­pated in other notable charities, including Covenant House for homeless youth in Vancouver. Tolzmann raised over $20,000 in the Covenant House Sleep Out: Ex­ecutive Edition, and support came from across the industry, clients, vendors and partners.

Anand has been recognized as the Industry Contribu­tor of the year from the Professional Association of Managing Agents. Tolzmann was the recipient of the Business in Vancou­ver 2016 Top Forty under 40.

Superior Res­toration will no doubt continue to make its mark in the world of quality restoration work.

“We work intensely to create the best work­ing environment for our team and all stakeholders involved, and we are getting huge support from the top players in the industry. We don’t cut corners,” says Anand. “In doing that, we set the stand­ard for superior quality, customer service and efficiency and our clients don’t expect anything less.

This article was published in the July 2017 edition of Insurance People Magazine.

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